We're investing today in the food superstars of tomorrow

Looking for Investment? Join us for Office Hours

Every two weeks, we host Office Hours, open time to connect with food, drink and ag entrepreneurs. Whether you’re launching a CPG brand or the latest breakthrough in precision fermentation, we’d love to meet you.

We known from first hand experience that the entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges, and the idea of raising funds can be daunting.

Our Office Hours are a welcoming space for founders and those aspiring to be, creating a chance to connect with the 6 Seeds team in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Who Should Join 6 Seeds Office Hours?

Our Office Hours are designed for founders and aspiring founders, specifically those in the food and related sectors.

Whether you’re nurturing just a budding idea or contemplating a significant business milestone, our doors are open for you.

What to Expect from 6 Seeds Office Hours?

Engage in 20-minute sessions with a 6 Seeds General Partner and Investor. This is your time to shine – whether you’re looking for pitch practice, business plan feedback, marketing advice, or just a friendly ear to discuss your startup ideas.

How to Prepare for Office Hours?

Come with a purpose. Our Office Hours are all about bringing value to your entrepreneurial journey. 

Share with us your expectations – be it refining your pitch, seeking fundraising tips, brainstorming branding strategies, or just starting a conversation about your initial steps.

Keep it interactive.

There’s no need for a formal pitch. Instead, let’s have a meaningful, two-way conversation aimed at fostering your growth.

Bring a snapshot of your vision. A concise, overarching view of your venture, even if it’s not fully polished, helps anchor our discussion in your unique business context.

Ready to Dive In?

To catch the next opportunity, sign up here. We’re excited to see where your journey takes us together!