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World-class Data
Ai-Powered Insights and Strategy
Ability to see the Future

Holistic growth for food companies

that want to go places!

At 6 Seeds, we put AI and data to work for clients and partners in the food, drink and related industries, from CPG brands to ag-tech.

We utilize massive data sets (30 billion+) and cutting-edge AI tools specifically developed for the F&B industries to speed up and de-risk:

  • your new product development → growth by speed to market and much improved PMF
  • your Branding and Creative Services → growth by relevance of messaging and deep cultural fit
  • your Innovation → growth by understanding and acting on the needs of your market
  • your investments and fundraising → growth by matching the right funds to the right opportunities for both founders and investors

6 Seeds is an AI first business

We have pioneered an AI-first approach, positioning ourselves at the forefront of data and AI integration.

The latest AI technology is at the foundation of our culture and values, guides the formation of our teams and organizational frameworks and informes every decision we make.

By reimagining research, strategy, collaboration, and decision-making through the lens of first principles thinking, we define how we operate as a company and deliver maximum value to our clients.

We’re not just adopting AI; it’s embedded it into the fabric of our business strategy.

Meet the founders

Kate Burns, CEO

After running Google Europe, then launching Buzzfeed Tasty during her tenure as CEO of Buzzfeed, Kate has now co-founded 6 Seeds to support brands that build a sustainable future for food.

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Andreas Duess, Managing Partner

Andreas started his career at Ogilvy in London, focusing on tech with Sony, Canon and Cisco. He moved to Toronto and co-founded one of North America’s leading marketing agencies focusing on food, drink and ag.

He is now utilizing his deep CPG knowledge to support the brands that are building the future of food.

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