We specialize in data backed business, marketing and investment strategies for CPG companies.

This creates predictable success for our clients

82% of all food and drink products fail

Billions of dollars are lost every year by both entrepreneurs and established CPG companies alike

So we decided to do something

about it

we use

data and AI to create predictable success in CPG

  • Market Intelligence, Food Trend Insights, Taste Prediction
  • Marketing Strategy, Design and Activation
  • Data verified Brand Creation
  • Gen AI driven Brand Content & Experiences
  • Gen AI Planning, Business Integration and Deployment
  • Investment, Acceleration and Commerce

Our data and AI technologies analyze consumer behaviour to build a 360º understanding of what they purchase, how they consume, and what will matter to them tomorrow.

Our data is collected globally, from supermarket checkouts, food service menus and sales, home preparation, then finally cross referenced against the public conversation.

Our data partners include Tastewise, Nielsen, Fifty and many others. 

Whether it’s for marketing, innovation or investment strategies, whether you need to understand a new market or publish culinary content at scale, our AI models work hand in hand with our data feeds to ensure precision, relevancy, and impact for CPG brands.

the future, today